Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lilly can finally hear again!

I took Lilly to Primary Children's Medical Center yesterday to have tubes put in her ears. She did really well and I could already tell a big difference today in her hearing. She kept repeating new sounds that were probably too subtle for her to hear before, like "sss" and "thh" sounds. I was also talking to her and said something about her eye and she started repeating "eye". It took a few tries, but pretty soon she was saying it as clear as a bell.
I got a few pictures of her in pre-op in her little care-bear hospital gown. It was really cute in the pre-op waiting area, there were about 7 little toddlers her age all running around in their matching gowns with their diapers hanging out the back and playing with all the toys they had set up for them. She never cried when she woke up from the surgery and she slept most of the day yesterday. Today she has just been her crazy little self getting into things. One of her favorite activities is to grab a phone or a remote control and wait for someone to notice, then start running as fast she can to get away, laughing all the while. She is such a fun little gal!

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Joys of Grandma's House!

My kids have always loved Grandma Hamblin's house. . . but usually it's because she is here to make it fun by feeding them all the squash pie they can eat or by the fact that they can usually find "potty treats" (m&m's) even after they are potty trained. There is one element of Grandma's house however, that has been fun for all of her grandkids and is actually part of the house. Lilly has finally discovered, to her absolute delight, the light switch on the stair case that is in reaching distance of small toddlers! All of my kids have loved discovering this light switch and I was wondering when Lilly would finally do the same. I have some really cute video of her playing with it. *** Grandma- I hope you enjoy this, since normally this is something you would definitely be around for =0)****

A few missed pics. . .

These are just a few pictures from Emmy's birthday that I missed posting and wanted to get up. I just finished my blog book and will be getting it in the mail in about a week. I am really excited to see how it turns out!

FaMilY NiGHt

The weather has so been so incredibly nice the last few days so we all have been wanting to spend as much time outside as possible. Yesterday we went out for family night to a park. We got to feed ducks, geese and some really annoying seagulls. Then the kids played on the toys while we watched. We all had a good time and then came home and crashed! Here are some pictures of us at the park.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jean Quilt

OK here goes another blog that is actually over a month old, but I am just now getting around to it. Ever since we got married Jaron has been saving jeans so we could make a jean quilt. I have gotten really sick of moving bag-fulls of jeans around with us whenever we have to move, so one night when we were bored I said to Jaron, "Let's go get started on that jean quilt you've been wanting to make". He agreed and off we went. He really wanted it to be a family project, but we didn't trust the kids to cut up the jeans, so Jaron and I did that, I cut the all the squares out, sewed the thing together AND tied it by myself since Jaron didn't want to tie it. So much for a "family" project =0) I still have to bind the edges, but it looks really nice and it will be awesome once it is finished. I plan on finishing it in the next week or so.

Lilly has had persisitent ear infections since she was about 8 months old. Her pediatrician recommened we see an ENT so we went in on Monday. Her ears are full of fluid and she did poorly on a hearing test they gave her. The ENT believes this may be why she isn't talking yet. According to her hearing test, she has a very hard time hearing normal talking voices, and what she does hear is probably extremely muffled due to all the fluid. Luckily this is all fixed very easily by tubes, so she is going to Primary Children's Hospital next week on Tuesday to get tubes in her ears and I am sure she will be feeling alot better. . . she is always fiddling with her ears so I am sure she can feel the pressure from all the fluid in there.
I have finally finished my blog book from last year, but while I was working on it today, I noticed Lilly was being unusually quiet. . . and this is how I found her . . .

Saturday, March 14, 2009


This is another blog that happened about a week ago and is just now making on here. Ashton and Carter were running in the gym at church during an activity and ran into each other. Carter came out of it just fine, but Ashton ended up with a black eye.

Also, those of you who know how much Ashton LOVES to eat (ha ha) will love this. I was doing work on the computer and Ashton was watching Noggin, which was telling about making wishes. Then I hear Ashton say, "I wish my mom would never make dinner again!" He thinks dinnner is a naughty word, and he no longer believes me when I tell him I am making a snack at dinner time. . . especially when he sees veggies or meat involved in the process. Dang kid! =0)

Friday, March 13, 2009

A Day in the Life of Lilly

Here are a few cute videos of a day in the life of Lilly. She loves to help me clean, and she always goes behind me making sure I didn't miss anything.

She got a little distracted when I pulled out the camera =0)

Here she is using a dirty sock to scrub the fridge.

She also loves to play with her pushy-toy!


February holds 2 birthdays for our family. Ashton's is on the 8th and Emmy's is on the 17th. We didn't do a whole lot for Ashton's birthday this year. He turned four and if you ask him he is quite a big guy now.

Emmy's birthday was another matter. She turned 8 this year, so we had her birthday as well as her baptism. We went to the classic fun center to celebrate her birthday. We allowed her to take one friend and she chose to take Maggie Vowles with her. She loves roller skating and all of us had a fun time. She got some new clothes, some money, brand new scriptures from Gramma Kristi (thank you!) and a new scripture case from her mom and dad. Emmy also got to eat her birthday dinner at Tepankyaki, which she LOVED!

For her baptism she got a new white dress which we had picked out in December and a special bookmark from Grandma and Grandpa Hamblin that has a leaf from the Sacred Grove in it.

Her baptism was really special. Her Grandpa Eldon gave a talk on baptism and demonstrated how repentence works by pooring food coloring into water, then adding bleach until the water was clear again. The kids really enjoyed seeing that. Her Grandpa Brent and Grandpa Eldon were witnesses at her baptism and her daddy baptized her. Mom and dad sang a song with Gramma Kristi playing the piano. Afterwards we headed to the house for some bbq pork and chips, a really simple meal, but tasty none the less.


So I was going to try to post more, but then I thought I would change the template instead of just the background. Well, I didn't realize it would erase all of my widgets and everything, the thought of redoing the whole thing was simply overwhelming, so until now I just haven't done any blogging. . . but it is time for me to get back on the ball. I have taken lots of videos and pictures and so many things have happened that I can't put it off any longer. I am going to do my best to catch this blog up with all of the important events that have occured over the last month or so. Be patient with me because it will certainly take me a couple of days to get all the posts done, but here goes!