Friday, June 12, 2009

More Stuff. . .

This is a cute baby bird we found in our yard. You can see how small it is compared to my hand!

Emmy and "Valerie"

The kids in the van while driving to PA.

Carter and "Katie" (sorry Aunt Katie, I tried to talk him out of it!)

I keep thinking that I just need to get to the computer and blog. I do have a few pictures to post, all though not as many as I could (or should) have by this point. We have had a fun time the last few weeks. We got to visit with one of my best friends, Teresa, and her husband and kids. They came to celebrate Skylars 2nd birthday. We got pizza and went to an awesome nearby park where the kids had a blast and we all had a fun time.

Yesterday we were planning on going to a hike at a beautiful place near here called Ricket's Glen. It has a trail that is 4.2 miles long and has 7 waterfalls along the trail. The trail we were going to take was along a small river/creek with a waterfall. Good thing I checked the weather channel online first because there were flashflood warnings for all of the counties in the region. So instead of our hike, we went to Hershey's and went on the ride/tour at Chocolate World. The kids loved it, especially the chocolate bar you get at the end of the tour.

The kids are going to be busy this summer. The school does a program that runs four days a week for half a day and the kids get to go on field trips, make crafts, do science experiments and more. It is totally free and includes bus transportation. Emmy and Carter both really wanted to go, so they will start that the end of June. Bloomsburg also offers free tennis lessons to kids from ages 4 and up at the local tennis courts. Ashton, Emmy and Carter are all signed up to take the tennis lessons. Emmy has been wanting to take tennis lessons for the last couple of years so she is super happy about it.

The ambulance service in Catawissa is completely voluntary and they have been extremely short on people, so I am volunteering with them. It works really well for me since they give you a pager and a radio. If you are available and can make the call, then you let them know and go to the scene or to the garage to pick up the ambulance. If you can't go, you just turn off your pager and don't go. That way I can go on calls when Jaron is home with the kids.