Friday, October 1, 2010

Emmy in the news!

Emmy's gifted class got to participate in a "living history" day at the Bloomsburg Fair.  Emmy got to pretend she was a child living in the Civil War time.  They played era appropriate games, ate corn muffins for lunch and helped teach visitors about the children of the Civil War era.  She had a great time and even got to learn to knit, that is what she is doing in the picture.  Emmy is wearing the red and white dress with white bloomers. 

Last night some friends of mine from school offered to watch the children while Jaron and I went out to celebrate his birthday a few days late.  His birthday was on Monday, but I had a test on Tuesday which meant we didn't even see each other on Monday.  The kids had a blast and got to make and decorate cupcakes, draw pictures and add tons of stickers, and played hide and seek.  They had so much fun that they begged me to take them back to be babysat again!  Thanks Kelsey and Derek for the evening out!  We have still not heard anything about the scholarship, but I do know that they are at least 2 weeks behind in mailing out the notifications, so there is still hope!